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Caelestis welcomes you to our website.

Caelestis is a WoW 25-man PvE raiding guild on US-Proudmoore server.

We are 2/13 HM in current raid progression.

We have a hardcore mentality with a casual raiding schedule.

Caelestis maintains competitive progression and at the same time,
offers a raiding schedule that accommodates the work schedules of most individuals.

Our guild is always looking for accomplished and dedicated individuals who are willing to join our ranks.

If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to submit an application.

Our guild does not discriminate based on race or gender and is GLBT friendly.

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Monday Night 10 mans

Branddor, Jan 11, 11 12:36 AM.
Greetings Caelestis,

Monday nights we would like to run two 10 man raids to finish up content as we progress.

Unfortunately this can only be possible with 4 tanks and 6 healers signed up.

If you have a tank offspec or a healing offspec please try and gear it up so we can get everyone gear.

It really sucks if we can only do one 10 man group.

There will always be a guild invite for monday night 10 mans so sign up if you can.

Cataclysm Raid Boss Previews

Branddor, Dec 13, 10 2:46 PM.
Hey guys there is a basic raid boss guide up on Tankspot.

We need everyone to scan the link below to get up to date on the new boss mechanics

The more informed people we have, the faster we can progress.
Caelestis is currently not recruiting.
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